Neuigkeiten im Kinderhotel Ramsi

Ever swirled through the air in a pineapple? Or jumped into the water with a boat into the wet from a height of more than 10 meters? You can try all this and much more in the 1st Carinthian Adventure Park. The Pressegger See is waiting for you to cool off, as there is a separate lake access with a beautiful, spacious lido - Ramsi guests have free entry!

To the day exactly 13 years ago - namely 10 July 2006 - Mrs. Ramsbacher Senior completed her training as a herbal pedagogue at Krastowitz Castle near Klagenfurt. At this time she also had the kitchen and catering for the approximately 60 guests at the Ramsi Children's Hotel. We will now tell you how this came about and how Ramsi's world of herbs developed from it!

The heat wave has us in Europe firmly under control...nevertheless not only bathing possibilities await you in the Kinderhotel Ramsi, but also many proverbial "cool" outdoor experiences. The shady fairytale forest and our romantic gorge with the refreshing Kneipp path await you right on the hotel grounds!

The attraction of animals to children and adults is magical. Children's eyes shine as soon as they explore Ramsi's farm or pony-rides. And do you know the 1x1 of the horse language? You can learn everything about the handling of animals at the Ramsi animal driving licence.

Banana boating, making the area unsafe with the Segway, a fun bike tour to lake Pressegger See followed by a round of miniature golf, archery or a rock maze at Nassfeld - anyone who thinks that young people don't have their fun at Ramsi is wrong!

Leave the car on holiday and enjoy - the wish of many parents is fulfilled with Ramsi!

Hooray, it's raining! Ramsi offers a lot of indoor playing fun for kids and adults.

"At home in the world of nature, with Ramsi, your hero who gets things going!"

Ramsi is still enjoying the snow and lots of sun until April 22, 2019 while skiing at our skiing area Nassfeld!

Look what Ramsi is doing and posting!

...goes to us, the Kinderhotel RAMSI! That makes us one of the most popular hotels in the world!

Ramsi Skischule

Watch out our brand new Ramsi Ski school for children and adults!

All restaurants in Kinderhotel Ramsi are furnished completely new!

Relax and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains from our fantastic panorama terrace!

We let the ViewCopter fly above our property. Look what wonderful pictures it shot.

Summer: Free entrance exclusively for Kinderhotel Ramsi's guests!